Mini Utopia Private Pre Sale

Address of Token Purchase 0xdF600a1C4D7031097BAd422a04408b63b06dA1B4

Mini Utopia is a private, decentralized Token with the aim that allows everyone to take part in the Mini Utopia network development. Privacy and security come naturally from using MiniUtopia. For more information about the project, Message me on Telegram
Make Purchase 0xdF600a1C4D7031097BAd422a04408b63b06dA1B4
After Making Purchase

Rate (100 MUT = 1 Polygon (MATIC) )

Add Smart Contract to your wallet (any Polygon Network Token) to view MUT Tokens Token Details Smart Contract Address: 0x370e18906797e8afc4d419a76b949d7fc4c7154b Symbol : MUT Decimal: 18

MUT Tokens Are Debursed Weekly

In other to prevent spamming the tokens will be manually distributed in this pre-sale and the rate is increased