Mini Utopia Airdrop Participation Form

Currently, we are in build mode and are going to be up and running soon! The Mini Utopia token will have a lot of use cases in our platform (NFTs, staking benefits and governance while we convert to a DAO down the road.) Our tokenomic structure is built around long term value accrual. Our team has been in crypto since 2015 and we know that projects don't last without strong communities. That's why our first priority is to do an airdrop to all of our earliest supporters (like you) to encourage them to be with us for the long haul. In order to quality for the airdrop, we need you to follow us on twitter, join our telegram channel. That's it!

Airdrop GiveAway of 200,000 MUT

10 MUT for the user and the Referrer 100 MUT to Random 2000 user for participating

About Us

Mini Utopia is a private, decentralized Token with the aim that allows everyone to take part in the Mini Utopia network development. Privacy and security come naturally from using MiniUtopia.
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